Monday, October 14, 2019

Check out Last Weeks New Adds, plus Some Recent Streams

After Hours FM is going strong, but is not great at marketing ourselves or keeping up on social media content!
We need help! Now seeking volunteers.

Here are a few things we can tell you for now:

Follow us here:

Follow us here:

We do not have a top 20 prepared for this week (again) but here's a look at our recent adds to the Heavy rotation (in no particular order):

#1 Spice Boys featuring Boys "Think About You a Lot" from the album Speed 2
#2 Candy "Super-Stare" from their new 7-inch on Relapse
#3 Matt Talbott "Sinister Webs (Rough Mix)," a teaser for his forthcoming solo record coming in Spring 2020
#4 Midnight "Rebirth by Blasphemy" from their new digital single
#5 Firewalker "The Mystery" from their self-released demo EP The Roll Call
#6 Slow Caves "Follow Up" from their album Falling
#7 Hatchie "Unwanted Guest" from the album Keepsake
#8 (Sandy) Alex G "Bad Man" from the album House Of Sugar

And here are some After Hours FM streams on Mixcloud:

Saturday, July 27, 2019

After Hours from Wedneday and Thursday night are both streaming!

It does a thing where you can hover the curser over the "play" button and hear a preview. Our station is in the process of switching some of the computers, so these are both taped direct from the 91.7 signal which is cool except that it only plays one channel so some of the older songs that overuse the stereo fidelity might sound weird and incomplete.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 07/18/19)

Hi, we didn't do this for a while but here it is again.
WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 07/18/19)
This week Last week ARTIST Title Links
1 2 PALEHOUND Bullshit
2 5 PEAER Don't
3 19 JOCKO Civilized
4 - YEAR OF THE KNIFE Sick Statistic YouTube
5 12 DAVILA 666 Huesos Viejos YouTube
6 10 TRAIL OF LIES Fearless
7 1 FUMING MOUTH Dead Asleep
8 - METZ Pure Auto
9 9 THE GLOW Beamer
10 8 NILUFER YANYA In Your Head
11 20 MANEKA My Queen
12 13 BEAK> Minus Pillow
13 11 BIG THIEF U.F.O.F.
14 3 HEELE Oncoming Wave
15 - POTTY MOUTH Do It Again
16 - FIELD MOUSE Heart Of Gold
17 14 GOBLIN COCK Hammond Song Joyful Noise: Rob Crow Artist Residency
18 17 RIOT CITY Livin' Fast
19 18 PALEHOUND Urban Drip
Organ Farmer

Thursday, June 27, 2019

WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 06/27/19)


[NOTE: Ordered by number of spins. The quality of all of these are hot, and there's stuff we don't play on After Hours that is also very hot. These are not ordered by quality.]
WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 06/27/19)
This week Last week ARTIST Title Links
1 5 NILUFER YANYA In Your Head
3 7 BEAK> Life Goes On
4 - PALEHOUND Urban Drip
5 3 MANEKA Never Nowhere
6 2 PALEHOUND Bullshit
7 4 HEELE Oncoming Wave
8 9 ZIG ZAGS Fallout
9 8 PILE Bruxist Grin
10 6 (SANDY) ALEX G Gretel
11 - SHEER MAG Blood From A Stone
12 16 BEAK> We Can Go
13 17 JOCKO Muddy Waters
14 - GOBLIN COCK Hammond Song Joyful Noise: Rob Crow Artist Residency
15 10 THREE KNEE DEEP Devil's Playground
16 12 PHILARY Old Leg
17 - RIOT CITY Livin' Fast
18 13 HALFSOUR Blurred Camera Phone
19 18 MINDFORCE Excalibur
20 - PUPPY Entombed YouTube

Beak> “Minus Pillow”
Goblin Cock “Hammond Song”
Palehound “Urban Drip”
Puppy “Entombed”
Rammstein “Sex”
Rammstein “Tattoo”
Riot City “Livin’ Fast”
Sheer Mag “Blood From A Stone”

After Hours Live 06/25/2019 -- taped off the board

From late Monday night / Tuesday morning after Late Night Noise. Captures will be sourced from the soundboard until further notice.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

After Hours Live 06/21/2019 -- taped off the board

Lots of new and classic metal in the 1st hour from Riot City, Midnight, Three Knee Deep, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Slipknot, Queens Of The Stone Age, Cannibal Corpse, Pig Destroyer, and new Rammstein.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Stream Weds 06/19/19 -- taped from the 91.7 FM signal

This one sounds good. We forgot that only one channel gets recorded when we tape off the FM signal because of a wiring problem, so a few occasional songs might sound like something is missing. We might possibly only post stuff taped off the board in the future.