Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Top 20 Playlist!!!

#1 Spin of the Week = Mr. Bungle "Eracist."

#1 Album of the Week = Deftones Ohms.

#1 New Add of the Week = Mindforce "Reign Of Terror."

We were encouraged to bring back our Top 20 playlist. We had a big new music dump two weeks ago, and things are back on track at the moment. To make up for the lack of updates, we've included a mid-way (early September) top 10.

Please follow our Top 20 playlist! We'll be updating it at least once per month, usually twice per month.

WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 10/23/2020)
This week ARTIST Title Links
1 MR. BUNGLE Eracist mrbungle.bandcamp.com/
2 DEFTONES Urantia Youtube
3 SUPERCRUSH Be Kind To Me supercrush.bandcamp.com/
4 DEFTONES This Link Is Dead Youtube
5 GUM COUNTRY The Queen Rules gumcountry.bandcamp.com/
6 OCEANATOR Goodbye, Goodnight oceanator.bandcamp.com/
7 MASTERPIECE MACHINE Rotting Fruit bbbrecords.bandcamp.com/
8 P.H.F. I Want U 2 perfecthairforever.bandcamp.com/
9 NNAMDI Rage nnamdiogbonnaya.bandcamp.com/
10 CCR HEADCLEANER Hi Def ccrheadcleaner.bandcamp.com/
11 YOUNG GUV Cold In The Summer youngguv.bandcamp.com/
12 TURNSTILE X MALL GRAB The Real Thing lookingfortrouble.bandcamp.com/
13 BEABADOOBEE Care radvxz.bandcamp.com/
14 ILLUMINATI HOTTIES Freequent Letdown illuminatihotties.bandcamp.com/
15 HOME BLITZ Final Decay homeblitz.bandcamp.com/
16 HUM Step Into You humband.bandcamp.com/
17 CCR HEADCLEANER Half A Tooth ccrheadcleaner.bandcamp.com/
18 GULCH Sin In My Heart gulch.bandcamp.com/
19 TWICE EYES Hit Me Up twiceeyes.bandcamp.com/
20 MISTER GOBLIN Punk Band mistergoblin.bandcamp.com/

WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 10 (Week of 9/7/2020)
This week ARTIST Title Links
1 OCEANATOR Goodbye, Goodnight oceanator.bandcamp.com/
2 NNAMDI Rage nnamdiogbonnaya.bandcamp.com/
3 MISTER GOBLIN Punk Band mistergoblin.bandcamp.com/
4 HUM Step Into You humband.bandcamp.com/
5 RUN THE JEWELS Walking In The Snow Youtube
6 KESTRELS (with J MASCIS) Grey And Blue Youtube
7 LAVENDER FLU In League With Satan lavenderflu.bandcamp.com/
8 TURNSTILE X MALL GRAB I Wanna Be Blind lookingfortrouble.club.bandcamp
9 CCR HEADCLEANER Half A Tooth (Extra Pound Edit) ccrheadcleaner.bandcamp.com/
10 NARROW HEAD Night Tryst narrowheadtx.bandcamp.com/

Friday, October 23, 2020

HUGE UPDATE!!!! New Mixcloud stream, New Adds and more!

About a week ago, we added all of our new music for August, September, and October all at once (plus some new production and PSAs), so there's a lot of great new stuff for the Fall!

For those interested in a sample, here's a freshly produced 60 minute Mixcloud stream with new music from Deftones, Mr. Bungle, Surface To Air Missive, Oceanator, Coriky, Gum Country, CCR Headcleaner, Twice Eyes, Obnox, Ringo Deathstarr, and more:

Adds (July 21, 2020 through October 16, 2020):
Bartees Strange "Boomer"
Beabadoobee "Care"
Beabadoobee "Together"
Body Count featuring Riley Gale "Point The Finger"
Bully "Prism"
CCR Headcleaner "Hi Def"
CCR Headcleaner "Half A Tooth" (non-remix version)
Defeated Sanity "Dislimbing The Ostracized"
Deftones "Ohms"
Deftones "The Link Is Dead"
Deftones "Urantia"
Disheveled Cuss "She's Odd"
Gulch "Sin In My Heart"
Home Blitz "Final Decay"
Gum Country "The Queen Rules"
Hum "The Summoning"
Mamalarky "Schism Trek"
Masterpiece Machine "Rotting Fruit"
Mr. Bungle "Eracist"
Narrow Head "Hard To Swallow"
Narrow Head "Stuttering Stanley"
Necrot "Dying Life"
No Age "Agitating Moss"
Oceanator "Goodbye, Goodnight"
Obnox "Scenicide"
P.H.F. "I Want U 2"
Phony "Waffle House"
Psychology Machine "Never Trust Anyone With More Money Than You"
Shelly's Back (Surface To Air Missive) "Shotgun"
Shiner "Nothing"
Supercrush "Be Kind To Me"
Turnstile x Mall Grab "The Real Thing"
Twice Eyes "Hit Me Up"
Uniform "Shame"
Weezer "Beginning Of The End (Wyld Stallyns Edit)"
Young Guv "Cold In The Summer"

Most Recent Local Connecticut Adds:
1. GlennVeryClose "Lost Me, Lost You"
2. Waveform "Tell You"
3. Dust Hat "Own My Soul"
4. Charter Ghost "HK-97"
5. Luke Ellingson "Prepared To Be Bored"

Local CT Music featured every hour!