Thursday, January 27, 2022

AFTER HOURS TOP 20!!!! (JANUARY 27, 2021)

#1 Spin of the Week = Wu-Lu "Times"
Last week = Nilufer Yanya "Stabilise"

#1 Album of the Week = Big Thief Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
Last week = Dridge Curing

#1 New Add of the Week = Maneka "Winner's Circle"
Last Week = Big Thief "Simulation Swarm"

WXCI AFTER HOURS TOP 20 (Week of 1/27/2022)
This week ARTIST Title Links
1 WU-LU Times
3 MANEKA Winner's Circle
4 BIG THIEF Simulation Swarm
6 MIDNIGHT Szex Witchery
7 SANGUISUGABOGG Dead as Shit Youtube
8 MELISSA Breonna
9 SEDONA Sharkbite
10 OVLOV Cheer Up Chihiro
12 DRIDGE Drip
13 MOMMA Medicine
14 HIGHER POWER Fall From Grace Youtube
You Will Never Work In Television Again
16 HELLRAZOR Globbed
17 BONGZILLA Free The Weed heavypsychsoundsrecords.bandcamp
18 NEW LAST NAME Horse Girl
19 PHIFE DAWG F/ BUSTA RHYMES & REDMAN Nutshell Pt 2 Youtube
20 YOUNG GUV It's Only Dancin'

Adds (December 5, 2021 through January 27, 2022)
Anxious "Let Me"
Bashford "Gateway to the Underworld"
Big Thief "Simulation Swarm"
Bongzilla "Cupcake"
Bongzilla "Free The Weed"
Comeback Kid "No Easy Way Out"
Deuce Ellis f/ Che Noir "Spit Acid"
Dridge "Boomerang"
Dridge "Drip"
Gel 'Mental Static"
Genesis Owusu f/ Kirin J Callinan "Drown"
Gridiron "Helta Skelta"
Higher Power "Fall from Grace"
J Mascis & Kim Gordon "Abstract Blues"
Larry June f/ Money Man "Intercepted"
Maneka "Winner's Circle"
Mdou Moctar "Afrique Victime"
Midnight "Szex Witchery"
Mope City "Covered In Might"
New Last Name "Horse Girl"
Nilufer Yanya "Stabilise"
Nunslaughter "Casket Lid Creaks"
Outta Pocket "Purest Pain"
Pavement "Be The Hook"
Phife Dawg f/ Redman & Busta Rhymes "Nutshell Pt 2"
Sanguisugabogg "Dead as Shit"
Solemn Brigham "Bigger World"
Swamp Dogg "Soul To Blessed Soul"
The Smile "You Will Never Work In Television Again'
Turnstile "Endless"
Wu-Lu "Times"
XL Life "Noise"
Young Guv "It's Only Dancin'"
Zack Fox "FAFO"

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Clockwise from top left:
Emma Ruth Rundle, Turnstile, Gulch, Bachelor, Dinosaur Jr, Quicksand

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Who's ready for another end of year list???

For those wondering, our Top 102 is not a "best of." Instead, we added up individual track spins between Jan 1 and Dec 31, regardless of release date. So this means the Gulch track was played After Hours (10pm-5am) more than any other song throughout 2021.

Many songs released in the last few months of 2020 continued getting played a lot throughout 2021, so this is why a few tracks from 2020 (and 1 or 2 from 2019) placed here. (Stuff released in the last few months of 2021 have a good shot of placing next year.)

Here are the most overplayed After Hours jams of 2021!

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This year ARTIST Title Links
1 Gulch Bolt Swallower
2 Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Hollywood
3 Turnstile Holiday
4 Turnstile Blackout Youtube
5 Rosali Pour Over Ice
6 Sedona Drifting Days
7 Beak> Oh Know
8 Bachelor Stay in the Car
9 Turnstile Don't Play Youtube
10 Chris Brokaw The Heart Of Human Trafficking
11 Dinosaur Jr. Garden
12 Glitterer Didn't Want It
13 Beak> Ah Yeh (Full Length Version)
14 Mister Goblin Left Before Your Set
15 Supercrush Get It Right
16 Quicksand Inversion
17 Chris Brokaw Puritan
18 HEELE Still Intact
19 The Glow Heavy Glow
20 Turnstile Mystery Youtube
21 Eyehategod High Risk Trigger Youtube
22 Silicone Prairie Song For The Eagles To Sing
23 Turnstile T.L.C. Youtube
24 Big Thief Little Things
25 Narrow Head Satellite
26 Reymour De ma Tour
27 Ovlov Land of Steve-O
28 Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out
29 Higher Power King Of My Domain Youtube
30 Code Orange Autumn And Carbine Youtube
31 Mindforce Reign of Terror
32 Hum Step into You
33 Guardian Singles Being Alone
34 Sedona Cupid's Victim
35 Parannoul Analog Sentimentalism
36 Sedona Missing in Paradise
37 Drug Church Tawny
38 Editrix The Sound
39 Colleen Green I Wanna Be A Dog
40 Turnstile Fly Again Youtube
41 Glitterer Try Harder Still
42 Them Airs Everett David
43 Lily Konigsberg Proud Home
44 Chris Brokaw I Can't Sleep
45 Courtney Barnett Rae Street
46 Guardian Singles Heartland
47 New Last Name Shaka It Off
48 Freak Genes Ford Fairlane
49 Bedwetter (Lil Ugly Mane) Headboard
50 Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Into Being
51 Mindforce My Rage (Live) Soundcloud
52 I Dont Know How But They Found Me Leave Me Alone
53 Gridiron What Can You Do?
54 2nd Grade The Bad Boys of Rock & Roll
55 Supermilk Mouth
56 Silicone Prairie America
57 Mountain Movers Way Back to the World
58 Drug Church Head-Off
59 Thirdface No Hope / No Relief
60 Waveform* Tell You
61 Cannibal Corpse Inhumane Harvest
62 Tyler the Creator ft Daisy World Rise! Youtube
63 Freak Genes Followed it Down
64 Mister Goblin Hook In The Eye
65 Angel Du$t Fear Some
66 Pet Fox Take Note
67 David Nance When The Covers Come Off
68 Cloud Nothings Only Light
69 Pet Fox Imagine Why
70 Pardoner Bunny's Taxi
71 Hatchie This Enchanted
72 King Woman Boghz
73 Plosivs Hit the Breaks Youtube
74 Lily Konigsberg That's The Way I Like It
75 Tyler, The Creator ft YoungBoy NBA & Ty Dolla $ign Wusyaname Youtube
76 Dinosaur Jr I Ran Away
77 KOYO Moriches
78 Rosali Waited All Day
79 System Of A Down Genocidal Humanoidz
80 Wednesday Handsome Man
81 Torres Hug From A Dinosaur
82 Smile Machine Shit Apple
83 Angel Du$t ft Tim Armstrong Dancing On The Radio
84 Molchat Doma Discoteque
85 Disclosure ft Fatoumata Diawara Douha (Mali Mali) Youtube
86 Dummy Daffodils
87 Quicksand EMDR
88 Potty Mouth Contessa Barefoot
89 Ty Segall Erased
90 Rat Columns I Can't Live on Love
91 Wednesday Fate Is...
92 Afghan Haze Blood Ritual
93 Momma Medicine
94 Dr. Martino When You Want It
95 Genocide Pact Perverse Dominion
96 Nas ft Cordae & Freddie Gibbs Life is Like a Dice Game (2021) Youtube
97 Wavves Help Is On The Way
98 Foo Fighters Holding Poison Youtube
99 Big Thief Certainty
100 Helmet In The Ditch Youtube
101 SASAMI Sorry Entertainer Youtube
102 Anxious More Than A Letter