Wednesday, June 12, 2019

WXCI After Hours is here!!!

Launching almost two weeks ago on the night of May 31st around 10:15PM, WXCI After Hours is a new commercial-free extended overnight block of radio programming focusing on an array of artists both new and classic in the worlds of metal, loud rock, and alternative.

After hearing too many complaints about "the death of rock" or "the death of rock radio," After Hours wants to prove those people wrong. Stop being insulted by iHeartRadio and Spotify Radio and SiriusXM's commercialized algorithmic data-driven idea of what "modern rock" or "hard rock" radio is supposed to sound like. In either case, commercial "rock radio's" days are numbered. In reality, rock never left. It never died. It's still here, and bullshit survey data won't keep us from bringing it to you.

We notice a similar problem with Top 40 radio. We'd love to find time for an additional extended "alternative pop" block, which feasibly could happen at some point. But we figure fans of non-charting pop hits don't have as much trouble finding the latest singles from Robyn or Kim Petras or Charli XCX or Carly Rae Jepsen or Lizzo. We're prioritizing rock because it's in trouble. Rock needs our help, and an attempt to bring back real "Rock Radio" could be the answer to this problem; at the very least, it might help spark some other solutions far down the road.

Since we realize that no one wants to stay up until 5AM listening to the radio, we'll be doing what we can to offer extended audio captures on our Mixcloud account -- which can then be streamed anytime you desire. For anyone interested, we'll also offer a couple Spotify playlists updated bi-weekly with the same songs. All this and more coming soon.

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