Friday, January 1, 2021



Happy New Year! Here are the most overplayed After Hours songs of 2020!!!!

This year ARTIST Title Links
1 Ringo Deathstarr Just Like You
2 Vanity Anticlimax
3 Hum Step Into You
4 Holy Serpent For No One
5 Kevin Krauter Pretty Boy
6 Masterpiece Machine Rotting Fruit
7 Danny Brown Combat
8 Gouge Away Consider
9 Curse Word Pivot
10 Soccer Mommy Circle The Drain
11 Sedona More Love
12 Ringo Deathstarr Once Upon a Freak
13 No Age Turned to String
14 CCR Headcleaner Half a Tooth
15 Deftones Urantia
16 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Cars in Space
17 Sorry More
18 Mindforce Reign Of Terror
19 Surface to Air Missive Monster's Mouth
20 Adrianne Lenker anything
21 MGMT In the Afternoon
22 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal I Fell
23 Ringo Deathstarr Lazy Lane
24 Hum Cloud City
25 Big Cheese Pennine Scrubs
26 Steve Lacy Playground
27 Coriky Too Many Husbands
28 Mr. Bungle Eracist
29 Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out
30 Turnstile x Mall Grab I Wanna Be Blind (Remix)
31 Damu Karu Comfortably Dumb
32 Grimes My Name Is Dark (Art Mix) Youtube
33 Fu Manchu Takin' It to the Streets
34 Three Knee Deep Mosherz Anthem
35 Supermilk Cannibal
36 Kevin Krauter Patience
37 Nnamdi Rage
38 The Strokes Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus Youtube
39 System of a Down Protect The Land Youtube
40 Jocko Majority Rule
41 Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Into Being
42 Mister Goblin Punk Band
43 Disheveled Cuss She Don't Want
44 Supercrush Be Kind to Me
45 David Nance The Merchandise
46 Nudie Mag Pet
47 Gulch Sin in My Heart
48 Thundercat Dragonball Durag
49 Kevin Krauter Green Eyes
50 Glambat Brasil
51 Oceanator Goodbye Goodnight
52 Hayley Williams Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris Youtube
53 Run The Jewels Walking In The Snow
54 Narrow Head Night Tryst
55 System Of A Down Genocidal Humanoidz Youtube
56 Pearl Jam Take The Long Way Youtube
57 Body Count f/ Riley Gale Point The Finger Youtube
58 Mindforce Hope Dies In The City / Hellscape
59 CCR Headcleaner High Def
60 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Falling Thunder
61 Realworld Green Room
62 Disclosure f/ Slowthai My High
63 Saigan Terror In Gods
64 Hum The Summoning
65 Waveform Hazel
66 The Men Children All Over The World
67 Psychology Machine Never Trust Anyone with More Money than You
68 Mr. Bungle Methematics
69 Oneohtrix Point Never I Don't Love Me Anymore
70 Gatecreeper Boiled Over
71 Kim Gordon Air BnB Youtube
72 Fiona Apple Shameika Youtube
73 Fuming Mouth Vision of Purgatory
74 Hum Waves
75 Curse Word Big Fingers
76 Bartees Strange Boomer
77 Big Thief Not
78 Narrow Head Stuttering Stanley
79 Kestrels f/ J Mascis Grey and Blue
80 Deftones Ohms
81 Beabadoobee Care
82 Horisont Pushin' the Line Youtube
83 Protomartyr Processed By The Boys
84 Otoboke Beaver Don't Call Me Mojo
85 Extra Medium Pony Something Beautiful
86 Home Blitz Final Decay
87 Code Orange Sulfur Surrounding Youtube
88 The Lavender Flu In League With Satan
89 Melkbelly LCR
90 Surface To Air Missive Trouble
91 Fury Angels Over Berlin
92 P.H.F. I Want U 2
93 The Fiction Kids The Jordan Rules
94 Limousine Beach Hear You Calling Youtube
95 Gatwood Dredge
96 Notches Sober Souls
97 Ritual Clearing Hide
98 Giant Peach Love Your Void
99 Maneka Never Nowhere
100 Somerset Thrower Too Rich To Die
101 Meet Me @ The Alter Garden
102 ShittyBoyz Game Breaker

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